Behind every great project is a great team

Good team work is a group of people who can communicate effectively and constructively to solve problems. It can strengthen and unify the company, project or department.

What makes us good

We are Agile

We treasure cycles of learning and improving. We adapt to changes quickly and smoothly.

We are Awesome

We create useful softwares that meets the requirements. We create softwares that meets quality standards.

We are Friendly

We teach and learn from one another in many ways. We communicate and brainstorm as a whole team.

Open Vacancies

Sorry, we do not currently have any job vacancies.


How many projects a year do you develop and maintain?

In a year, we start developing and maintain around 4-6 projects. The size of the project varies, but it can take 2 months for version 1 of an application or website to launch, with designing, developing, testing.


Do you take interns? And are they paid?

Yes! We interview every intern who want to do their internship at Steppe Link LLC and take those who are up for a challenge.

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