Below are the list of notable projects that have been developed or being maintained by Steppe Link LLC.


Open platform for users to complete surveys and earn coupons created by companies on their dashboards.

ODIN Tech provides companies, organizations, entities to create their own survey on their platform using fully dynamic CMS.


Integrate the customer survey seamlessly into their corporate image using adaptable themes so participants can recognize the company immediately.


Create expert panel with prior registration. This avoids multiple responses while maintaining contact with survey participants.

File management

Use multimedia to create the survey – with pictures, videos and audio. Allows survey managers to upload any files they wish with the practical file manager.


Create short, informal surveys or “polls” to get to know customers and visitors better and faster.

AI report

The collected survey answers will organized and administered by the Burte AI.


  • Register user
  • View available surveys
  • Earn rewards


  • Create surveys
  • Overlook survey completions
  • Develop results

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