Below are the list of products developed by Steppe Link LLC, available to purchase with customization.


The system allows to create, sell, manage tickets being sold. The seating chart can be changed fully dynamically.

Our ticketing system is a software program used to process, manage, and track customer issues from submission to resolution. Ticketing system will automatically organize and prioritize support requests in a central dashboard. Admins can tag, categorize, and assign tickets as they come in.

Admin will be able to create tickets by entering a rules stating which seats are worth how much. It is fully dynamic. You will also be able to block seats that will not be sold.

For example:

  • Section A, Row 1-3 : 20,000
  • Section B, Row 4-6: 30,000
  • Section C, Seat 7, 8, 9-20 : 40,000
  • Section D : Blocked

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